Binanga Waterfalls!

We all dream to experience that Baguio feel don’t we? But once up in Baguio City, aside from the parks, newly discovered manmade tourists spots and visiting all gastronomic spots, we also seek adventure!

Worry not because 30 minutes away from Baguio City is a newly discovered waterfalls in Shilan, La Trinidad, Benguet. Few know another body of water lies in La Trinidad aside from Balili River.


From La Trinidad. Benguet head to Shilan Barangay Hall to register and be accompanied by the locals there. You need to get those legs ready for a 20-30 minutes downhill trek to BinangaWaterfalls. Wich requires uphill trek back to the main road by the way.


Binanga Waterfalls was dervied from the rootword ‘banga’ or pot which resembles the catch basin of a clear cascading water from the limestone rock formations.



Binanga falls was opened to public last 2010 but the emergence of the falls in social media has contributed unto why this falls is just starting to sprout as a tourist spot on people who visit Baguio City and wish to experience a different kind of adventure.



The evidence of the falls being unspoiled is seen on its clear water, insects or even creatures living in the vicinity. Reason why we encourage all goers to bring home your trash and get hold on the slogan ‘protect mother earth’.


Binanga waterfalls is said to be 20 meters deep from the catch basin so we strongly suggest you guys to get your own floaters just in case you does not know how to swim.


Dipping in the cold water running from the waterfalls is said to be therapeutical.

  1. Burn more calories – as your body immerse in cold water, your body works harder to keep you warm reason for a boost of blood circulation thus resulting for more calories to be burnt.
  2. Increase of immune system- it produces white blood cell counts that is very significant to keep that body guard against deisease higer– the white blood cells.
  3. Release that endorphin- endorphin rush is achieved as body changes its temperature as we soak oursleves to cold water reason for us to have a change of mood.




So next time you visit Baguio City, include Binanga Waterfalls in your itinerary. Contact Brgy Captain Mariano at +63921 981 5066.
Watch the Binanga Waterfalls adventure of MagTVna Atin to at MagTVna Atin ‘to iwantv





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